Being Online vs. Working Online

I got to listen again to the webinar interview of my mentor, Jomar Hilario with social media expert and author Peg Fitzpatrick. The webinar happened sometime summer this year, but I never got to really understand the webinar because one, I was starstruck and two, I was putting questions in the webinar chat box. Continue reading


Date With Freedom Highlights Part 2

Here’s the second part of the Date With Freedom: Virtual Career Summit and Seminar highlights.

Again, super thanks to Jonas San Luis (believe me, when this guy passes by, everybody smiles). Layouts done via Canva.

To all those who have attended: I suggest you post the visuals on your favorite social media accounts. Or better yet, post them on your wall or in your bathroom or in your refrigerators. Let these serve as reminders for you to act. 🙂 Continue reading

Date with Freedom Week: A Note from J.A.R.V.I.S. and Hawkeye

I watched the movie days after Captain America: Civil War started its production. See, I really can delay rewards.

I watched the movie days after Captain America: Civil War started its production. See, I really can delay rewards.

I just watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron last week. I really can delay rewards, especially if it is watching a movie. I watched it for two reasons: one, I realized that once Tomorrowland and Pitch Perfect 2 hit the theaters, Avengers 2 might be bumped off the cinemas; two, I got a new client to work with.

A new client! I got the latest opportunity from

A new client! I got the latest opportunity from

When I finally watched the movie, I realized another reason: LESSONS! For those of you who will be joining the Date with Freedom: Virtual Career Summit and Seminar, these lessons are for you. Continue reading

The return to ODesk

A few weeks ago, I decided to do the what I thought was unthinkable: consume 60 ODesk connects.

It was unthinkable for me at first because a few years back, I only consume 25 connects. Adding 35 connects (making it 60 if you ODesk profile is complete) is one of the latest features of ODesk.

60 seemed a lot that 25. But then, I decided to go for it.

It took me 4 days to consume the connects because I only applied to the online jobs every night. I finally consumed it on a Saturday night. After consuming all connects, I decided that I still got the groove on so I consumed my People Per Hour credits as well.

A few days later, I got an interview notice from ODesk. I was interviewed two days after. Then, I got hired!

So here’s the tip: consume your credits in any way you can. No need to cry if you got declined; just replace them by looking for another online job. Chances are, you will find a client to work with.

Somebody's back to ODesk!

Somebody’s back to ODesk!

Lessons from Firing and Running (or Walking)

Two weeks ago, I was in a roller coaster ride. Not the type that will make you scream and make you pray to all the saints while others are looking at you at the park, though.

On the last of January, my client let go of most of the Philippine team of VAs to cut expenses. One of them was me. In between the horrible “We’d like to inform you…” until the end of the contract was only 4 days.

A few days later, I started February with a 10K walk on Skyway. I walked because I did not have the slightest decent training.

I was tempted to think “So that’s why I was pushed by the woman behind me when Pope Francis was passing along the road leaving Intramuros during his Papal Visit. I should have thought of that as a sign!” I do not really see that as a bad omen or sign of bleak days to come. Continue reading

The truth about the 12 fruits for the new year

Have you got fruits at your table for New Year's Eve? There's more to that.

Have you got fruits at your table for New Year’s Eve? There’s more to that.


I am sure you that as you are reading this, it is either you are a) liking and commenting “Happy New Year!” on your social media accounts, b) busy in the kitchen, or c) you just survived an avalanche of people in the market (congratulations, you made it alive just like my mother).

During this time of the year, some Filipinos are making sure that there are 12 fruits on their table by New Year’s Eve as a superstition. It’s said that you are in for an abundant year if you have 12 round fruits as the new year usher in (12 symbolizes the 12 months a year). Continue reading

Advice to Filipinos who wants to work from home – by someone who’s already doing it.



I few weeks after gracing the Social Media Management Seminar in Carmona, Cavite, my interview graced its site! Read the full article here.

The article was written by good friend, Carla Bianca Ravanes, one of the upcoming writers to watch out for. As soon as she took the helm as one of the writers of Raket,ph, she lined up an interview with me because she knew that I started working from home this year. Continue reading

The truth about my VA journey and the World Cup

Happy to have witnessed an awesome sporting event at the comforts of my home!

Happy to have witnessed an awesome sporting event at the comforts of my home!


Four years ago, I was in an 8-5 job. I just finished my VA assignment and looking for a VA gig. At the same time, the World Cup is everywhere on the Internet and the news.

Four years later, I’m happy to be in a different state: I’m now a full-time VA, catching up with my Online Marketing Club and VA 101 assignments (I’m trying!).

This time, the World Cup in on – and I have totally fallen in love with soccer. Continue reading