Date With Freedom Highlights Part 2

DWF blog post

Here’s the second part of the Date With Freedom: Virtual Career Summit and Seminar highlights.

Again, super thanks to Jonas San Luis (believe me, when this guy passes by, everybody smiles). Layouts done via Canva.

To all those who have attended: I suggest you post the visuals on your favorite social media accounts. Or better yet, post them on your wall or in your bathroom or in your refrigerators. Let these serve as reminders for you to act. :) Continue reading

Date With Freedom Highlights Part 1

DWF blog post

If you attended the Date With Freedom: Virtual Career and Summit Seminar, your Facebook News Feed is full of smiling and happy people. The event was so much fun!

I am honored and humbled to be part of the summit and seminar. I’m still wondering why the participants were laughing on almost every word I said (LOL), but do know that I pray for their journey towards freedom. May the fun and inspiration they got propel them into action.

In case you missed the event (where were you?), here are the highlights. Super thanks to Jonas San Luis for the photos. I did all of these layouts in Canva. Continue reading

Date with Freedom Week: A Note from J.A.R.V.I.S. and Hawkeye

I watched the movie days after Captain America: Civil War started its production. See, I really can delay rewards.

I watched the movie days after Captain America: Civil War started its production. See, I really can delay rewards.

I just watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron last week. I really can delay rewards, especially if it is watching a movie. I watched it for two reasons: one, I realized that once Tomorrowland and Pitch Perfect 2 hit the theaters, Avengers 2 might be bumped off the cinemas; two, I got a new client to work with.

A new client! I got the latest opportunity from

A new client! I got the latest opportunity from

When I finally watched the movie, I realized another reason: LESSONS! For those of you who will be joining the Date with Freedom: Virtual Career Summit and Seminar, these lessons are for you. Continue reading

If third time’s a charm, then so be it.

Not only was I able to grace the weekly webinar of my mentor, Jomar Hilario recently. I was also able to teach other virtual career workers skills on visuals!

I was privileged to be a guest in the webinar for the third time, this time showing the participants the 7 visual ideas that can increase social engagement. I learned them from my former client, Marcus Ho, who was just happy to know that the webinar went well.

To make sure the webinar attendees understood what they learned, I asked them to choose 4 out of 7 visual ideas that they prefer and look for examples for each visual. As of this writing, the attendees are still posting their assignment outputs in the Facebook Groups where we belong (You smashed it, guys! Good job!)

To my surprise, Jomar asked me to demo how I created a visual bullet using Canva. This happened after I mentioned during the webinar that I will be creating a visual out of the 3 success lessons from Manny Pacquiao (discussed in the webinar). Well, I was happy to oblige.

The webinar replay is featured in the Date with Freedom website as of this writing. But if a new webinar is up, no worries. Here are the videos (now in three-part series!).

Happy learning!

The return to ODesk

A few weeks ago, I decided to do the what I thought was unthinkable: consume 60 ODesk connects.

It was unthinkable for me at first because a few years back, I only consume 25 connects. Adding 35 connects (making it 60 if you ODesk profile is complete) is one of the latest features of ODesk.

60 seemed a lot that 25. But then, I decided to go for it.

It took me 4 days to consume the connects because I only applied to the online jobs every night. I finally consumed it on a Saturday night. After consuming all connects, I decided that I still got the groove on so I consumed my People Per Hour credits as well.

A few days later, I got an interview notice from ODesk. I was interviewed two days after. Then, I got hired!

So here’s the tip: consume your credits in any way you can. No need to cry if you got declined; just replace them by looking for another online job. Chances are, you will find a client to work with.

Somebody's back to ODesk!

Somebody’s back to ODesk!

The Facebook Ads Process Outside Facebook: a Wealth Summit Booth Volunteer Experience


To be honest, I am still in the process of recovering from spent energy when I joined the Work from Home Booth Volunteers during last week’s Wealth Summit. But it was all worth it because I got to bond with my co-booth volunteers, rub shoulders with the speakers and The Feast personalities, and learn from some of the Wealth Summit talks.

Jomar gave us instructions on how to invite people to the Work from Home booth. He brought his two pieces of mobile whiteboard and provided us with messages: two for those who are interested to work from home as virtual assistants (the programs offered are VA Summit 2015 and VA 202) and two for business persons who would like to increase their sales online using Facebook ads (the current strategy discussed for the Marketing Success Formula). Since the time we joked about the messages as “A/B testing of Facebook Ads”, we never stopped using the Facebook Ad terms.

So to recap the wonderful two-day experience, here is how ads are run – outside Facebook.  Continue reading

Exceptional Facebook Ads-related Articles

AEVA_VA202 blog 2

Aside from the VA 202 Seminar, these articles about Facebook Ads and Facebook Power Editor helped me in making this portfolio.

I hope these can help you learn how you can maximize the power of Facebook ads for your business. Continue reading