A Different Take on Interests Targeting

I learned about Interests Targeting when I took the Digital Marketing.com course on Leveraging FB Native Ad Platform to Drive Massive, Targeted Traffic to your Native Content.

Previously, I chose the different activities, hobbies, fitness, and the like by clicking Browse. This time, I worked with Facebook’s Graph Search. Continue reading

I did a new Facebook Ads experiment.

This is the first page of my original landing page.

After my consultation with the VA 202 Facebook Group, I decided to test the following in Optimization and Pricing:

1. Website Conversions

2. Optimized Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (oCPM)

3. Interests Targeting

I decided to use the very first ad that I uploaded on Facebook Power Editor. Anyway, it seems that Facebook did not really see it.  Continue reading

Lessons from Firing and Running (or Walking)

I got this prayer from Jim Rohn's "Kick the Worry Habit."

Two weeks ago, I was in a roller coaster ride. Not the type that will make you scream and make you pray to all the saints while others are looking at you at the park, though.

On the last of January, my client let go of most of the Philippine team of VAs to cut expenses. One of them was me. In between the horrible “We’d like to inform you…” until the end of the contract was only 4 days.

A few days later, I started February with a 10K walk on Skyway. I walked because I did not have the slightest decent training.

I was tempted to think “So that’s why I was pushed by the woman behind me when Pope Francis was passing along the road leaving Intramuros during his Papal Visit. I should have thought of that as a sign!” I do not really see that as a bad omen or sign of bleak days to come. Continue reading

Lessons from the VA 202 Facebook Group

Every seminar, Jomar Hilario makes sure that all attendees of each of his seminar are included in an exclusive Facebook Group. This is for the attendees to continue to interact by asking questions, sharing milestones, and let go of their confusions.

With the third reason upon me, I brought my Facebook ads concerns to our VA 202 Facebook Group.

Here's the Facebook post that I shared on the VA 202 Facebook Group.

Here’s the Facebook post that I shared on the VA 202 Facebook Group.

Continue reading

My Third Facebook Ad – and a New Landing Page

Here's my third Facebook ad, in Filipino.

Although I am happy with the results of my second Facebook Ad, I was still wondering about its results. So I thought of creating a third Facebook Ad.

For the third round, I decided to change the photo and make the headline in Filipino. I again relied on Pixabay for the photo and Canva for the layout and design. Continue reading

Realizations on My First Facebook Ad Experience

I still could not figure out what happened to my first Facebook ad. As I have mentioned in my earlier blog, I did not receive ANY notice whether my ad was disapproved or not. Moreover, since Facebook’s Power Editor confirmed that my Facebook ad was uploaded and completed, I thought it will start running as scheduled.

Well, I’d like to take it as my first Facebook Ad punk. Anyway, Facebook did not charge me anything, so I am moving on from this incident (you owe me, Mark Zuckerberg). :) Continue reading