I’m Moving!

"ann exceptional virtual assistant"

I have managed this blog for five years and 5 months (as of this writing). I was able to build not only my portfolio as a virtual professional through this blog (and got me exceptional and trusting clients). This blog became a storage of my online work stories – be it a challenge or a success. Those stories inspired (and amused) many, based on people who told me that they follow my blog (thank you!).

However, after more than five years, I decided to up my ante. But not leaving the exceptional level mark, mind you.

Therefore, without further ado, I would like to invite you to my new home on this side of the Internet, AnnKristine.com.

See you there!

"ann exceptional virtual assistant"

photo credit: empowernetwork.com by Shakeal Taylor


Being Online vs. Working Online

I got to listen again to the webinar interview of my mentor, Jomar Hilario with social media expert and author Peg Fitzpatrick. The webinar happened sometime summer this year, but I never got to really understand the webinar because one, I was starstruck and two, I was putting questions in the webinar chat box. Continue reading

Secrets to Working Smarter Online Revealed

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My virtual professional friends and I are always open to questions from aspiring virtual professionals. Questions range from how did we start becoming a virtual professional to well, do I have a boyfriend (to which my answer is always “the real one or the ones that I only know?”).

Suddenly, we found ourselves taking the leap by organizing a telesummit for freelancer newbies and virtual assistants! That’s a jump shot, if you’ll ask me. We want to pay it forward for we were once newbies ourselves. We felt lost with no one to ask or consult on the steps we took (just take a look at my first few posts and you just saw my laughable past). Continue reading

Have you found the book that can change your life?

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I recently tweeted that I am now on my 15th book of the year!


I was happy to tweet that for many reasons: one, I am beyond my target of one book a month (12 books a year); two, I am reading more physical books you know, the one with paper and you hold it with your two hands?) than listening to audio books; three, as related to reason number two – is because I now have the time to read a physical book! Continue reading

What #AlDub is teaching us about Marketing

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Okay, okay. I am going to confess: I have watched TV in the afternoons these past weeks.

My usual routine in the afternoon is going straight to the home office after a short nap. This time around, I am switching the television on to watch Eat Bulaga, a long-time variety show in the Philippines. If you were one of the attendees of the Date with Freedom: 2015 Virtual Careers Summit and Seminar, you may remember that I even suggested to study marketing instead of watch television. What happened to me? Continue reading

Last month, I saw two kinds of freedom in Tagaytay.

ann exceptional virtual assistant

For others, going to Tagaytay in July is already a post-summer getaway. However, I work from home anyway, so honestly, I can go there when I want (aside from the fact that it is just a one-hour journey from where I am. That does not include traffic).

Last month, I am blessed to visit Tagaytay twice – with different sets of people. With different sets of people, I saw two kinds of freedom. Continue reading

How I Am Improving My Marketing Skills with iPod

ann exceptional virtual assistant

In 2012, I bought an iPod classic from Olx.com (then Sulit.com). After attending the How to Become a VA Seminar two weeks before, I decided to look for a second-hand iPod classic so I can put Jim Rohn audios, amazing Christian songs (and other positive songs), and audiobooks (believe me, I could be unstoppable when buying audiobooks, same as the good ol’ physical book).

My iPod classic was an exceptional companion (it still is!) during my employment years until I became a full-time virtual assistant. Since I bought it three years ago, I have added webinar audio versions of the other Jomar Hilario programs, videos, and podcasts. I have also downloaded several Hard to Find Seminars audio files. Continue reading